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Established in 1954, RAIBC is a national society and Charity, dedicated to supporting Radio Amateurs and Short-wave Listeners with disabilities. The RAIBC logo is recognised throughout the amateur radio world.

The club is a UK registered charity, No 802348, and is run and managed by a group of amateurs forming an elected committee. The committee comprises various members of the RAIBC, all representing the wide range of abilities and talents found within its ranks.

As well as the positions you might expect, Chair, Secretary and Treasurer – we also have a Equipment Manager, Low Vision Officer, Equipment sales and donations officers and the Editor of our biannual newsletter.

Our activities fall into four main areas:

Membership Services

The services include the recording and distribution of audio literature for radio amateurs and listeners. This includes magazines such as Radcom and Practical Wireless. In addition manuals for various radios are available in audio format along with the Foundation, Intermediate and Advance license course materials. We also loan transceivers and receivers to qualifying members. Where necessary these are adapted to suit their needs, for example by the use of voice chips.

RAIBC Community

The RAIBC runs a regular net schedule which enables members to keep in touch with each other. We also have an active Yahoo! Group which is a useful source of advice and encouragement.

News and information

Our biannual newsletter Radial, contains news, reviews, and articles of general interest concerning the activities of the club and its members.


Supporting RAIBC Members

Through our collective experience we are able to provide advice and a fresh way of looking at radio for individuals who find themselves disabled. We can encourage people to remain on air and suggest new ways of operating to cope with their difficulties.

We do our best to provide whatever assistance we can to disabled amateurs. We have a small network of supporters, but our remit is to provide the often expensive accessible equipment and put members needing assistance in contact with local radio clubs who are more than willing to help or advise.

We are funded primarily through donations of equipment that are sold at rallies and online. The funds that we raise enable us to provide the best and most suitable equipment to our members. We are also given financial donations and are often remembered in radio amateurs wills. All such generous donations are gratefully received.