TS-480 Manual now available as audio download!

The Kenwood TS-480.  The picture shows the head unit to one side of the main radio, with the microphone in between.  The radio is tuned to 14.200 USB

The Kenwood TS-480

The manual for the Kenwood TS-480 has been recorded for the RAIBC and now is available to download.

The Kenwood TS-480 is proving very popular with visually impaired radio amateurs. Kelvin M0AID has reviewed the radio on this website and believes it to be perhaps the most accessible radio for a visually impaired person so far produced. Therefore we were very keen to have the manual read as soon as possible.

The mp3 file is available from the members only section of the website and can be found here. If you are having difficulty accessing the members only section, or you are not yet a member of the RAIBC, please get in touch using the contact form
The recording has been done by Graham SV0XBA. We are very grateful for Graham’s help and hard work on our members behalf.

Radio mast backgound image