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0800 028 8660

Calls are free of charge from all consumer landlines and mobile phones.

RAIBC Services

Members only area

Contains the Club’s digital audio archive, the latest newsletter and further information about applying for Loan Equipment.

The RAIBC Yahoo! Group

Is a rich source of advice and support. Please send a blank message to raibc-subscribe ‘at’ yahoogroups.com, to join. Instructions will be sent by return.


Is the RAIBC’s biannual newsletter. Distributed to all our Members and Supporters. Available in print, as an mp3 download, on MP3 CD and as a PDF.

If you have an article or any contribution, please contact the editor by using the Contact page

The Reading Rattle

Is the RAIBC’s recording service. It currently records the following publications:
Radial, RadCom, Practical Wireless, Radio User, The CDXC Digest, and Fists’ Keynote.
These recordings can be downloaded from the members only area or are available each month by post on MP3 CD.

If you have difficulty reading printed material, and wish to receive the monthly Reading Rattle CD, please contact the secretary by using the Contact page.

The Audio Library

Also contains the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced manuals and an 8-disk video of an intermediate course with audio track.

Instruction manuals for the Kenwood TS-590, TS-480, TS570, TM-V71e, TM-G707, and the Icom 703. Morse practice discs are also available.

For access to recorded material, please contact the Chairman by using the Contact page.

Equipment Loans

RAIBC is able to loan amateur radio equipment to members with disabilities. The equipment may have a voice synthesizer chip fitted for blind or partially sighted members, or may have other modifications to facilitate use.

Contact by using the Contact page.

We have a stock of morse tutors for loan to members who wish to learn or improve their CW.

Practical assistance

We have a wide network of members with disabilities and a small pool of able bodied supporters across the country. Where possible they will provide practical advice and assistance, but we cannot erect aerials or provide an installation service. Our remit is to help with the often prohibitively expensive modern accessible equipment and the granting of basic antennas. It is very much up to the individual to make friendships or endeavour to find support through amateurs in local clubs. We also try to assist amateurs who find themselves in residential care and have difficulties continuing in their hobby.


Becoming disabled or visually impaired can leave some amateurs wondering if they can continue in their hobby. We can give advice on many aspects of amateur radio, from getting started through to tackling the most technical challenge.

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