How to join the RAIBC, the charity working for radio amateurs with disabilities.

Why join the RAIBC, the charity working for radio amateurs with disabilities?

The RAIBC provides advice to any amateur or shortwave listener with disabilities. We can loan equipment to eligible members, and audio versions of the main radio magazines, including Practical Wireless and Radcom. We also have audio versions of manuals to accessible radio transceivers, and the three license courses. We have regular schedules on VHF and HF throughout the country, and a Yahoo group which is a place to get advice and camaraderie. By joining us you can take advantage of these services and support us in proving such services to others.

If you don’t have a disability please consider joining us. Many of our supporters enjoy our newsletter and often assist members. We frequently need help in collecting equipment donations and assisting members with disabilities.

RAIBC cannot erect antennas or offer an installation service, but is very keen to put members in contact with local support.

If you would like to join RAIBC or renew your subscription via PayPal or by a Standing Order, we would ask you to firstly contact our membership secretary before making your payment. The membership form can be found in the “Related Downloads” box to the right of this page.

If you are renewing your membership by cheque, Please DON’T send it to the old address in Guernsey.*

Full Members are people with disabilities living in the UK.
Supporter Members are able-bodied people living in the UK, with full constitutional voting rights.
Overseas Members are people with disabilities living outside the UK.
Affiliated Full Members (for clubs and societies) living in the UK.
You can also become a RAIBC Supporter, without constitutional voting rights. This category is for able-bodied people willing to offer practical assistance to the club, and membership is free.

For screen reader users, subscription using a PayPal account is accessible.

Subscription via Paypal.

In an attempt to make your recurring annual subscription as easy as possible, your subscription via PayPal will set up an Automatic Payment Profile to annually remind you subs are due and make the payment. You are sent full instructions of how to cancel this, if you do not want payment to be made automatically each year from your PayPal account.

Payment Options
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